Two Cities Kennel Club History

The club was formed in the early 1950's and was originally called Twin Cities Kennel Club. However, the name was changed to Two Cities Kennel Club after a complaint from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Meetings were held at the Marysville Pet Store on 5th Street in Marysville owned by Veta Garrow, one of the founding members.

Our first show was held in 1952 and the first Best-in-Show winner was a red Doberman pinscher named “Max the Red.”

TCKC eventually partnered with two other clubs to host dog shows in June (in Gridley, California) and October (in Yuba City, California) with each club’s show held on a separate day. In 2001, TCKC started hosting two back-to-back shows in October while the other two clubs hosted their shows in June.

In 2012, TCKC changed its show dates to the third or fourth weekend in September. Because San Joaquin Dog Training Club hosted its Obedience and Rally Trials on that Saturday, TCKC only offered Obedience and Rally on Sunday. In 2013, TCKC started offering two Obedience and Rally Trials each on Sunday.

In 2017 our shows will be moving to the 2nd weekend in May, Mothers’ Day weekend. We will return to offering Obedience and Rally each day.